Software Support Policies and Procedures


Support is available via:

  • 24/7/365 telephone support: +1 (310) 338‑1011. Note: Phoenix maintains 24/7/365 telephone support in case of emergency (i.e., a business-critical system is non-operational). Read details about obtaining emergency support here.
  • Web support: (Answered during normal business hours: 0700 – 1800 Pacific Time.)

Customers who contract for Phoenix products through a third-party, such as an international distributor or an outsourcer, should make themselves familiar with the support options provided by that third-party. In some instances, that third-party may be your first level support.

Additionally, we request that all customer organizations have their technical team register with Phoenix Software International for access to our Support Portal so that you will also have direct access to first and second level support with us. Following are instructions for gaining access to and using the Support Portal.

How do I register for access to the Phoenix Software Support Portal?
  1. Navigate to the portal at
  2. Click on Need login credentials?
    Portal Login Page
  3. Complete the Phoenix Software Credentials form and click SUBMIT
    Credentials Form

Once your request for credentials has been received, the Phoenix support team will validate your request and set you up within the system. Upon completion of that process, you will receive an email indicating that your account has been created and providing you with your login credentials.

What is available in the Phoenix Software Support Portal?

Once you log in to the Phoenix Software Support Portal, you will have access to the following for your licensed product:

  • Automated Delivery Certificate: Download a certificate required to leverage our Receive Order Server
  • CPC Configuration Report: Keep us informed about your licensed environment
  • License Code Request: Request and obtain updated license codes, disaster recovery codes, etc.
  • Download Request: Downloads the latest release of your licensed Phoenix product
  • Documentation: Read online documentation and download PDFs from our Documentation Library
  • Email Notifications: Sign up to receive email notifications from Phoenix
  • Release Status/Corrective Service Download: Download corrective service and see current support status, OS compatibility, and relevant dates
  • Hardware Support: Learn which IBM Z processors or the OEM equivalent have support for your licensed product
  • Product Alerts: View any published alerts for your licensed product
  • Case Tracking System: Review and update existing cases and open new cases for your organization
How do I review my existing cases?

You can see a list of all your cases, review case history, and make updates to a case.

  1. Navigate to the support cases page at and log in if prompted.
    Review Support Cases
  2. Optionally filter the list by case number or keyword.
  3. Click the case number at the left of the case you want to view.
    Support Case Example
  4. If you have new information you want to add, use the edit window in the New Comment section. You can use the tools in the toolbar to format your text as well as add images and links.
  5. Click SAVE to save your comment and update the case.
How do I respond to an email notification I received about a case?

When a member of our support team updates your case, you will receive an email notification with a link to view the case.

Support Case Email
  1. Click the link in the email and log in if prompted to review your case.
  2. To respond to the update, use the edit window in the New Comment section.
  3. Click SAVE to save your comment and update the case.
How do I open a new case?
  1. Navigate to the portal at and log in. Then select Open a Case from the CASES menu.
    Open a Case
  2. Complete the Open a Case form and click SUBMIT.

There are three important fields that must be set in order to ensure that you receive the appropriate type of support response based on your issue as follows:


  • Non-critical: Product/component working but lacks features, has irritating behavior, does something wrong, or doesn’t match documentation.
  • Serious: Product/component not working properly or significant functionality missing. Critical problems usually rated serious when workaround is known.
  • Critical: Product/component non-operational or essential functionality missing. No known workaround.


  • Low: The problem should be solved in a future release.
  • Medium: The problem should be solved in the current release via the service stream if possible.
  • High: A solution is needed as soon as possible.


  • Software bug
  • Documentation bug
  • Support
  • Change request
  • License
  • Download
What do I do if my case is a Critical/High issue?

If IBM or in-house analysis identifies a Phoenix Software product as a possible source of the problem, open a Case with Phoenix using the above process. Remember to upload any appropriate documentation.

Be sure to call the 24-hour support hotline at +1 310-338‑1011 to ensure prompt service, especially if the Case is opened outside normal Phoenix business hours (0700 – 1800 Pacific Time).

Important notes from the Phoenix Team:

Phoenix will work non-stop on Critical-High cases reported (24 hours per day) until we can provide a fix or downgrade the problem to Serious-High with a workaround. When calling with a Critical-High issue, you must ensure there is a minimum of one responsible technical person available full-time with knowledge of the issue and the skills with relevant operating system and the licensed Phoenix product to work with the Phoenix Team.

It is important to note and be prepared that in some instances, our investigative work (dump analysis, etc.) may suggest recent IBM or ISV service (PTFs) that should be backed off (restored) and/or existing Phoenix PTFs be applied (be sure to download the latest cumulative service package). Also, be prepared to provide the Phoenix Team with any additional documentation required for problem analysis in a timely manner.