Software Support Lifecycle Policy


Phoenix Software supports product releases in various ways. We have a support team available to help active customers with how-to questions and to help analyze and diagnose customer-reported problems using remote screen sharing as well as analysis of system-captured diagnostic information such as dumps, traces, etc. Our support portal provides a library of downloadable fixes to already-solved code defects, access to current documentation for all products and back-release documentation for many products.

When does my release reach End of Life (EOL)/End of Support (EOS)?

At Phoenix Software, we avoid the terms “End of Life” and “End of Support” because our focus is on supporting our customers not just our products. If you are an active customer with Phoenix Software we offer all the support options mentioned above and you can contact our support team for help no matter what release you are currently running.

What if I encounter a bug?

A generally available Phoenix Software product will be in one of five support statuses. If a product is in the “Current” or “Service Written” status and a code defect (“bug”) is identified, that issue will be corrected. Customers on active releases can download the fix once it is made generally available. Customers on stable releases (“Diagnostic”, “Service Available”, or “Retired”) would need to upgrade to an active release in order to obtain that relief unless a workaround exists. Our support team will help guide you through the upgrade process if necessary. Documentation issues are generally fixed in the upcoming release only, but we will occasionally deliver a documentation refresh if it makes sense to do so.

How can I contact technical support?

Support is available via:

  • 24/7/365 telephone support: +1 (310) 338‑1011 (Phoenix maintains 24/7/365 telephone support in case of emergency)
  • Web support:

Support status definitions

A generally available Phoenix Software product release will be in one of five support statuses, the meanings of which are shown in the table below.




  Current Service Written Diagnostic Service Available Retired
Release available for download
New corrective service written
Diagnostic support (e.g., dump analysis) available
Corrective service available for download