JES3plus™ is a licensed, derivative work based on IBM®’s z/OS® JES3 V2R4 source code. Created with customers in mind, JES3plus provides existing JES3 customers a common-sense alternative to a costly JES2 conversion. Customer implementation involves a trivial migration to a fully supported product, with a road map for enhancements, no planned end of life, and no additional licensing costs.

What is the Job Entry Subsystem (JES)

The Job Entry Subsystem (JES) is a component of IBM’s z/OS® operating system responsible for managing batch workloads. Minimum JES functionality includes reading jobs into the system, selecting them for processing, managing/printing their output, and purging them from the system. Uniquely, JES3 provided multisystem coupling, intelligent tape sharing, resource routing, load balancing, dynamic initiators, pre-execution device setup, job networks, deadline scheduling, multisystem consoles, a JESplex-wide merged log, and other capabilities that simplified the operation and management of loosely-coupled systems nearly two decades before the emergence of sysplex support in the base operating system. Most of these unique JES3 functions continue to have relevance even today.


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Road Map

Scheduled for general availability in March of 2020, V1R0 will be a plug-compatible solution for IBM JES3 customers not wishing to embark on a costly JES2 conversion and will function identically to z/OS JES3 V2R4 in every respect. This means:

  • User exits should continue to work unchanged
  • Source modifications (if any) should continue to work unchanged
  • Message automation should continue to work unchanged
  • Operator commands should be unchanged
  • Job and device setup should be fully supported and continue to work unchanged
  • Tape high-watermark setup should be fully supported and continue to work unchanged
  • NJE and RJP partner interactions with your systems should be unchanged
  • DevTest and production JCL should continue to work unchanged
  • Production control procedures should continue to work unchanged
  • Log and output post-processing scripts should continue to work unchanged
  • JES3’s often superior performance characteristics should be unchanged

Enhancements are planned for future releases.

The Journey

z/OS 2.3 preview announcement contains no new JES3 function.

The grapevine indicates some sort of JES3 announcement is imminent. The “Group of 16” JES3 customers is assembled as a result.

IBM’s SOD is released affirming JES2 is their “strategic” spooler. One-on-one calls begin between IBM and its JES3 customers.

SHARE Providence: IBM acknowledges during a keynote Q&A, IBM is trying to get rid of JES3. Ad-hoc discussions between customers and IBM occur during the event. IBM agrees to a call with the Group of 16.

Initial call between IBM and the Group of 16 occurs. Some customers privately suggest Phoenix Software should take on JES3. We thought such ideas were premature.

SHARE Sacramento: No on-site JES3 discussions. The Group of 16 has been renamed to the SHARE JES3 Task Force by SHARE who now provides resources. IBM continues one-on-one calls with its JES3 customers throughout the year and many are shared and re-capped among the group via periodic calls.

SHARE St Louis: IBM z/OS Development leadership changes. New leadership agrees to participate in a conference call with the JES3 Task Force and bring along JES3 experts.

IBM assigns an offering manager for JES3 discussions. Customers communicate their business concerns to IBM.

IBM’s SOD is released announcing the release following z/OS 2.4 will be last to offer JES3. This begins a 10½ year countdown to a final JES3 sunset.

SHARE Phoenix: Many customers reaffirm their hope/desire for Phoenix Software to take on JES3. Phoenix Software executive management team send a letter to IBM entitled, “Possible JES3 Partnership Opportunity,”. They agree to meet.

Initial conversations are held between IBM and Phoenix Software in Poughkeepsie.

First proposal is presented to IBM by Phoenix Software team in Poughkeepsie and is well received. Both sides agree to proceed to the next steps.

Revised proposal is presented to IBM by Phoenix Software team in Poughkeepsie based on completed due diligence and is well received. Both sides agree to proceed to the next steps.

Deal points are agreed to, contracts are presented and fully executed, and source code is transferred.

Phoenix Software International announces IBM JES3 licensing agreement.


General availability of V1R0 planned.

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