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Release Status

The Entrypoint release below is currently available for download.

Entrypoint 16.0

Support Status: Current
Generally Available: June 2019
Supported through: TBD


  • 64bit Windows or 64bit Linux with systemd support (CentOS 7, Debian 8.x Jessie, or Ubuntu 15.04)
  • 64bit x86 CPU (recommended: 4–16 cores)
  • 2GB Memory (recommended: 4-8 GB RAM)


  • 64bit Windows
  • 64bit x86 CPU (recommended: 2-4 cores)
  • 2GB Memory


Entrypoint does not require an external database.

As an option, Entrypoint can be configured to use Microsoft SQL Server (version 2005 and greater) or MySQL/MariaDB.