Electronic Data Intelligence (EDI)

Entrypoint is a complete system for creating, deploying, and administering custom data entry applications, providing data entry and system administration access anywhere you are.

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What is Entrypoint

Entrypoint is a suite of easy to use tools which allow users to design, deploy, and use a wide variety of custom data entry applications with built-in validation, editing, and export options. Entrypoint has many built-in attributes that make adding advanced features such as range checks and table lookups a simple operation.


Electronic Data Capture

Collecting information on paper forms to re-enter it later into a computer system is a double-entry process that adds the risk of transcription errors and takes extra time. Entering data directly into a database via electronic forms eliminates the paper step.

Switching to electronic data capture becomes an even more compelling choice for organizations who face an increase in data volume and rising costs. Companies must cut their development overhead. Switching from paper-based to electronic data capture can lead to cost savings, higher quality data, and a higher degree of security.

The Entrypoint Workstation ensures data integrity through validation during the data entry process. Special features include immediate error detection and flagging, re-key verification, and data retrieval or validation from lookup tables during each phase of data entry.

Data entry operators can set up the workstation to accommodate their work styles—for example, to use an embedded keypad or configure a function key for manual duplication.

Import and export control files can be configured to determine what data is included and in what order, so data can be imported and exported easily to comma-separated files (CSV), XML, PDF, and SAS-readable files that can be imported into the SAS ETL exporter and then exported to multiple formats.


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Feature Highlight

Entrypoint architecture relies on a modular plug-in framework for maximum flexibility.

Reliability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness make Entrypoint an excellent solution for any kind of data entry.

  • Web-based and client-based components
  • Application deployment directly from the Application Studio
  • Key from images feature in the Desktop Workstation
  • Batch revision
  • Data verification
  • Full audit trailing functionality
  • EntrypointScript programming language that allows for nearly limitless customization
  • Special features for clinical trials

Application Examples

You can create a wide variety of business applications with Entrypoint. Here are just a few examples:

Billing/invoicing Student registration Litigation support
Document tracking Order entry Accounting
Tax return preparation Inventory Payroll
Customer information Employee benefits Sales analysis
Case report forms for clinical trials
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Complete Product Support

Phoenix Software International backs Entrypoint with a full range of support services, including:

  • Online help
  • Clear and concise documentation, including a QuickStart that has you designing and testing your applications in just a few hours, and a more detailed tutorial
  • Technical support via web, email, or telephone
  • Regular product updates
  • Classes and training programs
  • Application design assistance services

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