…we do not hire people with the computer programming knowledge to handle this [application development]; we have easily used your program to do over 50 applications in the last year.

— an Entrypoint customer

Entrypoint is a complete application development package for creating high-performance data entry applications, with special features for clinical trials. Access Entrypoint i4 on the web or your local machine. Entrypoint uses SQL databases for data storage.


  • Powerful security options: allow or prevent access to different parts of the system by user or group.
  • Comprehensive field checking: A full suite of field and form data validation checks.
  • Remote data entry: Entrypoint software can be accessed on the web; the local developer and workstation components communicate with the same database.
  • Data export: Entrypoint provides a variety of exporting options to make your data quickly available for statistical analysis. Formats include a customizable text-based output specification, comma-separated values (CSV), PDF, SAS, and XML.
  • Batch revision: Entrypoint i4 automatically copies updated batches to the updated application each time a developer uploads a new version of the underlying application.

Complete Product Support

Phoenix Software International backs Entrypoint with a full range of support services, including clear and concise manuals and online help, a hotline, website, training programs, and design consultation.