Press Release


zHISR Hardware Instrumentation Execution Analyzer From Phoenix Software Now Normalizes Sample Data Across Engines with Different Cycle Times

El Segundo, CA: zHISR 2.1 from Phoenix Software International is now generally available. This release of the z/OS application profiler normalizes sample data between faster zIIP and zAAP engines and slower sub-capacity coprocessors.

zHISR interfaces directly with z/OS Hardware Instrumentation Services on IBM® System z10® or zEnterprise® processors to collect data for hotspot analysis of customer, vendor, or operating system program execution.

“zHISR is the only product of its kind to normalize sample data between zIIP and zAAP engines and slower CPs. We feel this enhancement is critical to getting a true picture of your code's performance.” said Fred Hoschett, Phoenix Software International President.

Download zHISR 2.1 here.