News Bulletin


CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET Versions 20.0 and 26.0 Support IPv6

Versions 20.0 (z/OS) and 26.0 (z/VSE) are now available, and include the following features:

  • Support for Internet Protocol v.6
  • New OLPS XC command: prevents excluded records from being altered by the CHANGE command
  • Updated REXX USRVAR function: now returns values for DROWS, DCOLUMNS, AROWS and¬†ACOLUMNS
  • Updated REXX EDITQ function: now returns values for CRTMODE¬†

Operating-system-specific features:

z/OS Version 20.0

  • Password phrases—users can use passwords that consist of phrases of up to 100 characters, for stricter security
  • 31-bit unit control block (UCB) support (supported on z/OS 1.12)
  • FRAME_SIZE support for 1 MB pages

z/VSE Version 26.0

Version 26.0 provides CAMXREF support for VSE libraries.

See the CONDOR, FALCON and CYGNET product pages for more information.