Key/101 Utilities

Key/101 provides a wide range of utilities.

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Batch Load

Use the batch load utility to add batches of data to the Key/101 data file—as if the data had been keyed on-line—in a format suitable for re-editing and extraction. This utility is especially useful when some of your input comes from a data entry service, or when partial information can be generated by a program or device, leaving only certain fields to be filled in.

Batch Extract

  • Extract all batches that meet certain criteria, (e.g., Closed, Verified, Created Today, and Not Yet Extracted).
  • Select batches by number, and specify the size and format of extract records and the output storage medium.
  • Choose among a variety execution-time parameters that can include wild cards.
  • View reports that tell you which batches and records were processed, extracted, or rejected.

File Management and System Statistics

These utilities make it easy to administer and maintain the system.

  • File maintenance routines back up the system files, create audit trails, purge expired/cancelled/extracted batches, and reclaim disk space for use by new batches.
  • The reporting utilities provide application and system status reports, as well as data entry statistics.

The utilities include comprehensive documentation so that you can evaluate the performance and efficiency of applications and operators, or obtain billing information.

Application Design Report

Use this utility to document applications and tables.

BMS Format Display

Define screens for your on-line application programs with Key/101's Screen Painter, reducing development time.

Message Management

Calls Key/101 from a CICS application program to send and receive screens and edit data, significantly cutting development time.

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