Remote Data Entry

Much of information is collected on paper forms and entered later into a computer system as a second step. This double-entry process not only takes more time, but adds the risk of transcription errors.

Collecting data electronically for multi-site trials is feasible only if the software system permits remote data entry. Entering data directly into a database via electronic case report forms eliminates the paper step, and significantly reduces the chances for errors. Remote data entry is a critical feature as more data is being collected electronically at the site.

Entrypoint i4—Entrypoint on the web—makes remote data possible via the web, no matter where you are. All data is stored in a central location. Developers create applications locally with Application Studio and deploy them directly to the server. In addition, operators can verify data on a local workstation that is connected to the same central database.

Storing data in a central location means that up-to-the-minute data is always available for your review, and for export to analytic systems.

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