Customizing Entrypoint

You can add robust functionality and flexibility to your applications through programming with the Entrypoint programming language EntrypointScript. EntrypointScript allows for nearly limitless customization. Functions can operate at several levels, performing complex calculation, and creating customized edit-checking procedures to prevent data entry errors—or even prevent incorrect decisions on what data to enter in the first place. A simple example: If the value of the "Prepay" field is Yes, Entrypoint displays a form for discount information next.

You can even control when a batch is closed. One way to do this: the investigator checks special check boxes next to the primary fields when the data is verified. After all primary fields are verified, a function displays a signature pop-up box for the investigator’s user ID and closes the batch after the ID is validated.

Special functions let you access the Entrypoint database to run queries and work with the results. You can select data from any combination of fields from multiple tables and sort the results any way you like.

EntrypointScript is an object-oriented programming language that is an extended form of JavaScript. The EntrypointScript function reference that comes with Entrypoint thoroughly documents Entrypoint functions in a manner easily understood by programmers with basic coding knowledge. For users of previous versions of Entrypoint software familiar with the Logic language, built-in aliases make the transition easy.

You may never need to code an Entrypoint program—an extensive array of attributes are implemented in the software to eliminate the need for most programming. But if you do, you will discover that you can achieve your programming goals with relative ease.

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