Use NetTester/1 to test network hardware components, connectivity, and peak load capacity. Each round-trip transaction is analyzed for data integrity and response time. Summary and detail reports of test results can be viewed on-line or printed. NetTester/1 generates inbound and outbound traffic in order to create realistic test conditions.

Key Features

  • Schedule test sessions for any time of the day or night; include both local and remote network device
  • Conduct tests automatically—operator intervention is not required
  • Save test profiles for repeated use
  • Test devices across domains
  • Monitor tests via the Progress screen, which displays session results as they occur
  • View displays of all physical and logical units and of all CA and NCP lines
  • Issue VTAM commands from a special screen while logged on to NetTester/1

NetTester/1 installs quickly and is easy to learn, operate, and interpret. Prior knowledge of ISPF or system resources is not required. Comprehensive on-line help and 24-hour technical support is available.

NetTester/1 runs as a VTAM application program in an interactive, on-line mode and is SAA compliant.