(E)JES Workstation Component

(E)JES workstation component imageThe (E)JES workstation component brings the power of JES to your personal computer!

We invite you to explore our workstation interface to the (E)JES JES management utility. The component fully exploits (E)JES spool management features and harnesses the multitasking capabilities of today's z/OS servers and workstations. This approach lets users execute multiple transactions simultaneously from a single workstation.

Key Features

  • Very little new user training and no significant learning curve for those familiar with Windows applications
  • Simultaneous access to single or multiple z/OS servers or sysplexes— perform similar concurrent functions or multiple functions on computers running JES2 and JES3 throughout your entire enterprise
  • Seamlessly integrated functions of IBM's ISPF Client/Server, providing a complete workstation development environment
  • Assured system integrity through (E)JES security definitions
  • Access to (E)JES without a TSO address space and associated costs

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