(E)JES Workstation Component

The (E)JES workstation component is a Windows application for managing your z/OS JESplex from a personal computer. The workstation component is included with the (E)JES product at no extra charge and is made available as a separate download.

The workstation component exploits many (E)JES spool management features and harnesses the multitasking capabilities of today's z/OS servers and workstations. This approach lets users execute multiple transactions simultaneously from a single workstation.

Key Features

  • Very little new user training and no significant learning curve for those familiar with Windows applications
  • Simultaneous access to single or multiple z/OS servers or sysplexes— perform similar concurrent functions or multiple functions on computers running JES2 and JES3 throughout your entire enterprise
  • Seamlessly integrated functions of IBM's ISPF Client/Server, providing a complete workstation development environment
  • Assured system integrity through (E)JES security definitions
  • Access to (E)JES without a TSO address space and associated costs

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