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February 14, 2011

(E)JES customers,

On October 15, 2010 Phoenix Software International alerted you to an issue with IBM APAR OA33040. That APAR changed the way JES3 counted SYSIN pointer records using an upward incompatible approach. That incompatibility affected (E)JES users that tried to browse or otherwise process the information contained within JESJCLIN data sets.

At that time, IBM JES3 development confirmed there was no way for a program to know which counting technique to use since JES3 did not indicate whether a job's JESJCLIN was created before or after applying OA33040. This meant that, no matter which technique was employed, it was practically guaranteed that some wrong processing would be observed by some user somewhere.

After further discussion, IBM agreed to mark OA33040 PE and to provide an upward compatible solution. That solution is APAR OA34642, which is implemented by the following IBM PTFs:

z/OS JES3 Release PTF
z/OS 1.10 (HJS7750) UA58943
z/OS 1.11 (HJS7760) UA58944
z/OS 1.12 (HJS7770) UA58945

Please refer to the IBM documentation that accompanies OA34642 to understand the impact of the APAR and how, after it is applied, you can optionally correct the JESJCLIN record counts for existing jobs so that no wrong processing will be observed by your users.

There have been three rounds of (E)JES service associated with this issue. The first round was described in our October 15 alert. That service pre-REQed the IBM PTFs for OA33040. After OA33040 was marked PE, a second round of service was issued that superseded the previous service, did not pre-REQ the PTFs for OA33040, and allowed you to indicate, via the new OA33040= installation option, whether or not OA33040 was applied.

The third (and hopefully final) round of service became available last week in support of the upward-compatible changes implemented by OA34642:

Service Item PTFs
V480.0005 PEJ0697,PPX0030
V470.0018 PEJ0698,PPX0031
V460.0030 PEJ0699,PPX0032
V450.0032 PEJ0700,PPX0033

With the above service applied, you inform (E)JES whether OA34642 is present simply by recompiling the System EnvironmentTable. With OA34642 installed, (E)JES will ignore the OA33040= installation option. With OA34642 not yet installed, (E)JES will continue to honor the OA33040= installation option.


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