Falcon64 V10R2 includes API enhancements and offers OCR as a separate component of the application. For more information, see the News Bulletin and Optical Character Recognition pages.

Falcon64 is the Windows version of FALCON. Falcon64 Windows data entry software has the same power, dependability, and ease of use as the FALCON data entry program on the mainframe platform.

All operation modes are accessed from the same application window, eliminating the need to open and close windows or navigate outside of Falcon64.

The Falcon64 Imaging feature complements the Falcon64 data entry system with sophisticated and easy-to-use imaging and data capture functions.

If you've used FALCON, you'll quickly catch on to Falcon64. If you are a PC user with experience with Windows applications, you are already familiar with the way many Falcon64 features work.

Falcon64 runs on the latest versions of Windows on a LAN or local drive.

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Ease of Use

Programming is not necessary when creating an application.

  • Access advanced data processing functions without creating independent programs.
  • Build input screens to create record layouts in minutes with simple field-oriented attributes and editing features. Balancing, auto-duplication, field requirement, and ordered multiple-level input are a snap. You can be entering data and verifying with a full Falcon64 application in less than an hour.
  • Use extended editing to perform all types of data calculations, register balancing, table updates, field duplication, conditional command execution, data validation and more.


  • Create and design data input screens tailored to your business requirements.
  • Use a data entry keyboard layout or a regular keyboard layout, or remap an embedded numeric keyboard that can be automatically available when keying numeric fields.
  • Customize which keys to use as action keys (field release, screen release, duplication, etc.) in a way that best meets the expectations of your seasoned data entry staff. Key layouts can be modified according to operator preference.
  • Font size and display color (or absence of color) can be set by data entry operators at their workstations.
  • Add customized help to assist in training new personnel.

Dynamic Menus

Menu options change to match the active window and field—this means that they are at hand when you need them. Options are configurable based on security settings. In addition, you can navigate menus with keystroke commands or with a click of the mouse.

Context-Sensitive Help

Falcon64 provides online help for every dialog box, menu item, report type, and keying mode. Press F1 for help on the task you are performing, browse the table of contents or index, or search for a word. Links let you jump quickly to related topics, and step-by-step instructions guide you through most tasks. And if you need custom training for your staff, you can create custom help, which is context-sensitive to the application, the active format, or the active field.